Clean Rope 5MM Stainless Steel Chain

$29.99 $59.99

The Clean Rope 5MM Stainless Steel Chain is made of premium 316L stainless steel, ensuring durability and strength. It comes in three chain lengths: 20", 24", and 28". This chain is resistant to water, sweat, and heat, ensuring it will not discolor or tarnish. Additionally, the stainless steel material makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it will retain its shine and appearance over time. Whether you're wearing it on its own or layering it with other jewelry, this stainless steel chain will provide a sleek and stylish touch to any outfit.


  • Chain Lengths: 20", 24", 28"
  • Material Premium 316L Stainless Steel
  • Care Water, Sweat, Heat Resistant (No Discolouring or Tarnishing)