The World's Elephants Are In Trouble and They Need Our Help! 

Elephants and humans share a long history throughout our civilization. They are known to be just as smart, social and empathetic as us.  Elephants are a keystone species that create and maintain ecosystems that many animals rely on for survival, yet every year the number of elephants poached for their ivory increases and populations continue to decline. 

Join Ashley Jewels in our fight to help save the Elephants as we strive to make a difference.  In support of International Elephant Support Organizations, we can save elephants by implementing stronger protection policies for wild elephants, stronger enforcement and legislative measures against the poaching and illegal trade of ivory and advocate for better management of natural elephant habitats.  

Visit our Save The Elephants Jewelry Collection and Show Your Support For The Cause. A portion of proceeds from every sale will be donated to Help Save Elephants around the world!