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Reseller Inquiry

Ashley Jewels Reseller

At Ashley Jewels the quality and design of our collections keep us well above the rest.  Our jewelry is designed with a standard and prestige that would make us an ideal supplier for your jewelry store, gift shop or retail location. 

We work endlessly to provide you with the promise of success here at Ashley Jewels, and work closely with all our resellers to promote the very best we have to offer.  If you are in search of a particular product or if you would like to arrange for jewelry to match certain needs, our international team of professionals will ensure we react quickly and get you the very best price.

Ashley Jewels is proud to provide international shipping for reseller opportunities around the world. No matter where you are located, we welcome you to join us in the promotion and retail of our jewelry.

For further information or to get in contact with us about possible reseller opportunities, please contact us at

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