Valentines Day Handmade Flower Rose Teddy Bear


This Handmade Flower Rose Teddy Bear Made is a great idea for the perfect gift.  It is completely handmade with artificial soft roses that contour a rich romantic look.  This teddy is a gentle reminder to your loved one about your strong emotions wherever it is placed, at home or the office. These bears come in different color variants of your choice, each of them crafted with care gluing each petal individually. Express your love with this Homemade Rose Teddy bear and get your loved one to jump with joy. Made with Styrofoam rose flowers that are glued together, this gift is super cute and exceptionally durable. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

Main Features:

  • Natural petal texture and folds, rich and thick petals, vivid and bright
  • The number of flowers is about 1000
  • The flowers are glued to the bear and won't fall off
  • Material: PE flower
  • Material of roses: Styrofoam
  • Decorative touch: Made of hundreds of homemade Styrofoam roses that are glued together steadily, this is an adorable decoration piece to be placed on side tables and shelves.
  • A token of everlasting love: Showcase your forever love with your partner through this Teddy. Instead of being manufactured with real rose petals that would die within days, they are made of bright Styrofoam so that your token of love remains fresh and in shape forever.
  • Pretty ribbon attachment: A ribbon bow enhances the beauty of the teddy and provides vibrancy.
  • Display box: The rose teddy bear arrives in a premium-quality, window display box that is approximately 40 cm in height so that it can be placed on a shelf or table.
  • Perfect for: Valentine’s Day, Anniversary Day, Wedding gift, Birthdays
  • Colors: Ivory, Gray, White, Brown, Pink, Red